Dagen zonder Dulci (Days without Dulci): published in The Netherlands and Belgium by Ambo|Anthos, 2013

Dagen zonder Dulci

“Dreams and fiction subtly run together… With remarkable precision, Kuypers gives voice to the inner life of a confused girl on the brink of adulthood… With this book, Kuypers puts himself on the literary map.” – Noordhollands Dagblad

“Kuypers writes lyrically and poetically about a happy childhood tragically cut short, and manages to catch the reader completely off guard by changing the course of his novel in just a few short chapters. In terms of style, and certainly in terms of the psychological insight into its characters, this is an impressive first novel.” – Knack Focus

“A strong opening line draws the reader into the story… Kuypers proves himself to be a real storyteller, who focuses on that which the family doesn’t talk about: Dulci’s disappearance.” – Vrij Nederland

“Kuypers’ prose is cool and precise, even poetic at times. With this novel, Kuypers proves himself to be a promising writer. He provides convincing insight into the loneliness that often goes hand in hand with an unusual mind.” – Passionate

“Written in sensitive, clear prose, Kuypers creates vivid images with just a few sentences. This novel gets under your skin as the line between fact and fiction slowly blurs.” – Hollands Glorie

“A gorgeous first novel about the love between two sisters and the pain of their loss.” - Marie Claire

“Deniz Kuypers is a talented writer to watch.” - Flair

“A subtle, psychological novel with dark edges.” - De Twentsche Courant Tubantia