THE ATLAS OF EVERYWHERE (Atlas Contact, 2021)

In the Turkish countryside of the 1950s, a poet falls in love with a girl from the big city, with dire consequences. Seventy years later, on the West Coast of America, his son looks back on his father’s life, in an attempt to understand why they have been estranged for years. The Atlas from Everywhere starts as a personal essay before morphing into a candid novel, loosely based on the life of the author’s father, who was forced to leave his country and migrate to the Netherlands. There, he started a family with a Dutch woman, while also maintaining a family in Turkey. This is a story about displacement, about growing up between two cultures, about restlessness and the urge to flee and start over. It’s about being rooted and uprooted. It’s a merciless and at the same time loving inquiry into what it means to be a son, as a father, a partner, a human being — but it’s also a poignant journey through love, hate, loss and literature, leading from Eastern Turkey to California, and from Istanbul to Amsterdam.

The Noise of the World (Ambo|Anthos, 2014)

Nominated for the BNG Bank Award 2014

Het ruisen van de wereld

Moss runs into his college girlfriend Dani at the funeral of an old professor in the mountains of Northern California. It’s been twenty years, and Dani has changed almost beyond recognition. She’s morbidly overweight, and the death of her abusive husband two years ago has left her a nervous wreck. Moss on the other hand fears he hasn’t changed at all. He has stubbornly pursued “the perfect life,” without knowing what that looks like and without regard for the people around him. After a disastrous night with Dani, he takes off into the mountains alone, convinced that his professor’s solitary existence in a cabin by a lake holds the key to what he’s looking for. But he soon gets lost and is confronted with the harsh reality of survival in the snowy mountains—and what his dreams may ultimately cost him.

“Kuypers excels at putting his characters in uncomfortable situations.” – Tzum

“In his new novel Kuypers creates an arctic, lonesome atmosphere.” – Trouw

“An impressive second novel.” – NRC

“Deniz Kuypers is a writer to watch.” – Recensieweb

“The reader is treated to striking dialogue, problems to relate to, and worldly wisdom.” – Het Hengelo’s Weekblad

Days without Dulci (Ambo|Anthos, 2013)

Dagen zonder Dulci

Nominated for the Academica Award 2013 and the Dioraphte Award 2013

Sylph is a teenage girl who feels out of place in the small town where she grows up. Last winter, her older sister Dulci disappeared, shattering the lives of her family. Sylph goes to school, but has no friends. Her father, a construction worker, stays out late every night. And her mother seems to want to forget Dulci ever existed; she refuses to talk about her and instead, turns to cigarettes, alcohol and, finally, an ex-lover. One day, Sylph meets Mort, an old friend of Caden’s. But when his memories of what happened to Dulci differ greatly from Sylph’s, she realizes her sister may not have been who she thought. Gradually, Sylph uncovers a truth that will change the course of her life forever.

“Kuypers proves himself to be a real storyteller.” – Vrij Nederland

“Kuypers writes lyrically and poetically about a happy childhood tragically cut short, and manages to catch the reader completely off guard by changing the course of his novel in just a few short chapters. In terms of style, and certainly in terms of the psychological insight into its characters, this is an impressive first novel.” – Knack Focus

“With remarkable precision, Kuypers gives voice to the inner life of a confused girl on the brink of adulthood… With this book, Kuypers puts himself on the literary map.” – Noordhollands Dagblad

“Kuypers’ prose is cool and precise, even poetic at times. With this novel, Kuypers proves himself to be a promising writer. He provides convincing insight into the loneliness that often goes hand in hand with an unusual mind.” – Passionate

“This novel gets under your skin.” – Hollands Glorie

“A gorgeous first novel about the love between two sisters and the pain of their loss.” – Marie Claire

“A talented writer to watch.” – Flair

“A subtle, psychological novel with dark edges.”  De Twentsche Courant Tubantia